Mooncake Soap With Steamer

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Mooncake Soap with Wooden Steamer
Mango Tango Scent
You know the drill. You receive a real Mooncake gift from a friend. 
But you know you're not going to eat it because it's way too sweet for your diet.
So you'll give it away to another friend or relative.
We at Wunderbath aims to stop this gift recycling.
We bet you, anyone who receives our Mooncake Soap will not have the heart to recycle their gift to anyone else !
This soap comes in a delicious Mango Tango Scent.
The moisturizing ingredients of this soap is mild enough even for the most delicate skin. 
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Stearic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Sucrose, Sodium Hydroxide, Decyl Glucoside, Cocoamide KET, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Fragrance Oil/Essential Oil , Soap Color 
What happens after this soap gets out of shape?   
Reuse your scrap soap by putting them in our cute little foaming bag to extend it's foamibility.
We handcraft each and every soap,
  there might be slight variation in each batch created.


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