Golden Mooncake Candle

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Golden Mooncake Candle in Wooden Steamer
Rose Geranium Scent
Get ready to go over the moon with this Golden Mooncake Candle. Burn with a heavenly Romantic Rose Geranium scent, enough to liven up your entire room.
After the candle has burnt out, keep the wooden steamer for your jewelry, coins or even.... Dimsum!
Looking for Mid-Autumn Festival extraordinary gifts? get the Mooncake Candle and Soap gift set here.
Like the rest of our products, this candle is also Vegan.
Handmade with vegetable based wax, without Parafin or Beeswax.
Warning: in our effort to reduce waste, we will be packing this candle naked (covered with transparent plastic wrap or chiffon pouch), without any unnecessary packaging.
Please place a glass or metal plate on the bottom of the candle before burning. Placing the burning candle on paper or directly on table-top will be a fire hazard and highly not recommended.


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