Gingie & Bear Bath Set

Gingie & Bear Bath Set

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Gift this to
Anyone who loves all things cute and pretty
Anyone with sensitive skin
Anyone who loves to pamper themselves with colourful and wunderfully scented
soap and bath bombs
Anyone who could use a super bubbly bubble bath
Anyone who loves and may love 100% pure essential oil

Get this set and receive
1 x Gingie The Gingerman Soap
1 x Beary's Dust Bubble Bath
1 x Pinecone Soap
1 x Unicorn Farts Bath Bomb
1 x Peppermint Essential Oil
1 x Twinkle Light in The Bath Tub
1 x Limited Edition Gold Bath Tub
1 x Mini Bear Card
1 x Christmas Fairytale Greeting Card

Bath tub size: 20cm (Width) x 10cm (Depth) x 12cm (Height)

Packed in a cream organza pouch

This Gingie & Bear Bath Set is beary beary perfect for Secret Santa with O.C.D (Obsessive Christmas Disorder)
Gingie soap and Beary’s Dust bubble bath dust, sitting cozyly in a golden bath tub with Peppermint Oil, Unicorn Farts and the all new Pinecone soap.
Switched on the fairy lights and watch as the bath tub illuminates under the Christmas Tree to make your Christmas truly magical.


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