Jojoba Oil 100mL

Jojoba Oil 100mL

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Pronounce it as 'ho-ho-ba'
This cold pressed Jojoba Oil provides lightweight
and easily adsorbed moisture and protection to skin.
It's naturally non-comedogenic because
Jojoba Oil is really similar to our own sebum.
Use it alone to nourish skin and hair.
Combine with Essential Oils for added benefits.
It's JOoo Versatile ;)
Use as a moisturizer
Apply 4-5 drops directly on skin or hair to nourish and moisturize
Add 30-60 drops of Essential Oil for every 100mL of Jojoba Oil
to DIY your very own aromatherapy oil.
Use as a make-up remover
1. Drop few drops of Jojoba Oil on a cotton pad
2. wipe off make up
3. Clean residual oil with facial cleanser or 
Wipe it off gently with warm wet cloth
Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

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