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Zoom XXL Custom Surprise Bomb
Zoom XXL Custom Surprise Bomb
Zoom XXL Custom Surprise Bomb
Zoom XXL Custom Surprise Bomb
Zoom XXL Custom Surprise Bomb
Zoom XXL Custom Surprise Bomb

XXL Custom Surprise Bomb


Each product is handmade and formulated with plant-based ingredients to suit the most sensitive skin

We only use VEGAN ingredients (not even beeswax). Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free and Paraben-Free




14.5cm (D) 

Bath bomb packed in air tight plastic wrap 

Take the bath of your lifetime with Wunderbath XXL surprise bath bomb. Customize the scent, hidden message and colors for a truly bespoke bathing experience. 
Hidden message is optional and comes in a little plastic vault.


 Have the most wunderful bath experience with WUNDERBATH BATH BOMBS! Formulated for SENSITIVE SKIN, our vegan bath bombs are SULFATE & PARABEN-FREE. They are suitable for your delicate skin, even for KIDS!
 Each bath bomb is handmade with love in small batches in Malaysia. We take pride in giving you only the FRESHEST batch. So you will have the fizziest, most aromatic bath bombs in your tub. Regular bath time with our plant-based bath products will help to even out your skin tone and whiten yellowish nails to leave your skin smooth and ultra-soft.
 Get one NOW and get ready for the ultimate sensorial bath experience. 


XXL Custom Surprise Bomb




Does bath bomb produces bubbles?

Bath bombs do not produces bubbles. They only fizz upon contact with water to release magical color and tantalizing scents!

Bubble baths on the other hand, do not fizz but they create fluffy bubbles!

Use both bath bombs and bubble bath for best effect 😉

How do I use both bath bomb and bubble bath?

Follow these easy steps to enjoy your Bath Bomb and Bubble Bath to the max :))
Step 1: Fill 1/4 of the tub with water🛁
Step 2: Pour Bubble Bath and put under running water 🚰
Once tub is filled with water and bubbles,
Step 3: Slowly lower Bath Bomb onto the water
Step 4: Paint the bubbles with the Bath Bomb colors and enjoy the dreamy fluffy colourful bubbles
Tip 💡 Use shower head 🚿 to create even more fluffy bubbles 🤩

How long can a bath bomb be kept for?

Bath bombs are safe to use for up to 1-2 years.
However, the fizziness, colors and scents may reduce and change slightly with time.
So, it is recommended to use bath bombs within 6 months of purchasing for the best effect.

Is it safe for kids and sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Each and every wunderproduct we sell is formulated for the most sensitive of skin. However, to be absolutely sure and to avoid issues, please do a patch test before properly using any product.

More on how to do a patch test:

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Personalise the shape, color and scent of our products.

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Customisation MOQ: 50-100pc

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